Multimedia Sand Filters

Following multi-layer filtration, Multimedia Sand Filters are most recommended systems to remove suspended particles, color, odor and iron from ground water and wastewater. Multimedia filtration works on pressurized filtration process, where three layers of filter media are used for fine particle removal approximately 5 to 25 microns. As compared to conventional sand filters, multimedia filters offer superior filtration quality, longer filtration cycles and lower water consumption during backwash; hence, these filters offer a flexible and feature-rich way to reduce the amount of suspended solids and turbidity in feed water. These multimedia filters are mostly used as pretreatment to reverse osmosis, DM and softener.

Multimedia Filters

Working Principle

Also refers to multi-layer filter, a typical multimedia filter contains three layers of filter media (anthracite coal, sand and garnet). The principle behind using these three types of filtration media is the difference between particle size and density properties of these materials. Anthracite media is the lightest and largest particle size media, which remains of top following backwash while the intermediate size media (sand) will settle in the middle and garnet, the heaviest but having the smallest particle diameter, will settle to the bottom. Periodically backwashed is mandatory to remove contaminants trapped in the media during filtration process.

This kind of arrangement allows the largest dirt particles to be removed at the top media bed and the smaller and smaller dirt particles being retained deeper and deeper in the media. This down-flow filtration permits delivery of high quality filtered water at much faster flow rates; typically particle removal approximately 5 to 25 microns.

PAMMF™ Multimedia Filters

PAMMF™ multimedia filters manufactured by Pacific Aquasynth are ideally suited for light commercial and heavy industrial applications where stringent water quality standards are required or higher levels of suspended solids are present in ground water and wastewater. Our PAMMF ™ multimedia filters are available in wide range of sizes, material of construction and configurations to meet your specific filtration needs; service flow rates or capacities can be arranged from 500 lph to 300 m3/hr and more.

We are India's largest manufacturer of multimedia sand filters for water treatment and provide full services from designing, fabrication to installation anywhere in India and nearby countries of Asia, Africa and Middle East.


Model No. Flow Rates (m3/hr) Pipe Size Vessel Size (Inches) Media
  Service Peak Backwash Inches Dia. X Height Cubic Ft.
PAMMF-16 16 23 23 2.5 36 x 60 18
PAMMF-23 23 32 32 3 42 x 60 24
PAMMF-28 28 40 40 3 48 x 60 32
PAMMF-36 36 52 52 4 54 x 60 40
PAMMF-45 45 68 68 4 60 x 60 50
PAMMF-64 64 95 95 4 72 x 60 70
Construction - Multimedia Vessel MOC – MSRL (SS Optional)
- Interconnecting piping for multiple units
- ASME code pressure vessels
- SS / MSRL piping
- Separate backwash inlet connection
- Air sourcing
- Turbidity analyzer