Iron Removal Filter - Iron Removal Plant

A typical iron removal filter contains sand and MnO2 media to remove iron and manganese from groundwater. It follows the oxidation process of Iron and Manganese ions. As the raw water is passed through the bed, any soluble iron and manganese ions convert to rust particles (insoluble ferric state), allowing them to filter out through filtration process.

Iron Removal Plant

Design Considerations of Iron Removal Plant

  • Required flow rate per hour
  • Your peak water demand
  • Duration (hours) running par day
  • Your water pressure
  • Level of iron, manganese, ph etc
  • Application of filtered water

Iron Klean™ Iron Removal Filter

Iron Klean™ water filters are great for removing iron and manganese ions from raw water and installed as a standalone unit or added to any water purification system as pre-treatment. These filters are known for their easy operation and give crystal clear water. Our iron removal filter plants are accurately designed to fulfill our client's specific requirements.

Iron Klean™ series iron removal filters use Sand and MnO2 as filter media and purify water from sand without clogging the filter. Filter size, media quantity and piping are customized as specified by our clients. We provide full service iron removal plant installation anywhere in India and overseas including Asia, Africa and Middle East at competitive price.

Technical Specifications

Model Flow Rate (m3/hr) Backwash (m3/hr) Tank Size (Inches) Filter Media (Cu. Ft.)
  Normal Peak   Dia. X Height 5
IRP-2 2 3 5 20 X 54 12
IRP-5 5 10 11 30x 54 18
IRP-7 7 14 16 36 x 60 24
IRP-9 9 18 23 42 x 60 32
IRP-11 11 22 28 48 x 60 40
Operating Pressure 200-600 kPa
Operating Temperature 5°C to 44°C
Vessel MOC FRP / MSRL (Mild Steel Rubber Lined)
  • ASME Code Construction
  • Custom tank linings and coatings
  • Programmable logic controller