Industrial Water Softeners

Pacific Aquasynth is a full service manufacturer of industrial water softeners in India. The series of PAQSoft™ water softeners are engineered to produce high quality softened water for wide range of commercial and industrial applications; most uses are generating make-up water for boiler and cooling tower and pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and DI system.

Industrial Water Softener


  • Apartments and housing societies
  • Shopping malls and office complexes
  • Food processing units
  • Manufacturing units
  • Car washing and similar jobs
  • Hotel and hospital laundries
  • Feed water to boiler & cooling tower
  • Pretreatment to RO and DM plant
  • Veg oil refinereis
  • Power plant

Size and Capacity

When constructing a water softening plant, many factors are taken into consideration in order to choose which system is best suitable for a particular application; for example configurations may vary if these are going to be used in power plants, boilers, hospitals, food and beverage production and refineries etc.

Capacity or volume is equally important, how much softened water is required per day is calculated in the form of liters per hour (LPH) or gallon per day (GPD); vessel size, piping dimensions and moc and control valve sizes are directly depend upon the flow rate requirements.

Level of water hardness in incoming water supply is another point, which is measured in PPM, in order to measure the capacity of a water softener plant, it is mandatory to calculate water hardness, salt dosage and required resin quantity at initial stage.

Industrial Water Softeners by Pacific Aquasynth

PAQSoft™ series systems are small, medium and large capacity industrial water softeners that meet future water softening requirements at highly competitive price. At Pacific Aquasynth, we can construct a water softening plant from 1000 lph (1 m3 /hr) to 25000 lph (25m3/hr) or more meeting your exact specifications and compliant to required industry specific standards and regulations. Each unit is constructed and fabricated with wide range of options including skid mounting, explosion-proof wiring and control panels, water or pneumatic actuated control valves, brine pumps, piping in several different materials (stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, PVC etc.), PLC control panels, and custom steel tank designs for maximum reliability and longevity.

Water Softener Specifications

Model Flow Rate (gpm) Tank Size Resin Salt Quantity
Service Peak Dia x H (Inches) (Cu. Ft.) (KG)
PAQSoft-8 8 12 10 x 40 1 127
PAQSoft-10 10 16 12 x 52 2 145
PAQSoft-14 14 20 14 x 65 3 381
PAQSoft-18 18 28 16 x 65 4 350
PAQSoft-27 27 34 18 x 65 5 331
PAQSoft-36 36 42 21 x 62 6 300
PAQSoft-42 42 50 24 x 72 9 400