Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

"Pacific Aquasynth brings to you India's most reliable and cost effective industrial reverse osmosis water systems for drinking, laboratory and healthcare applications, capacities available from 100 lph to 50000 lph or more."

A reverse osmosis system is an essential part for every industry; weather there is need of pure water for drinking, laboratory use, healthcare (dialysis) and miscellaneous industrial and commercial applications etc. reverse osmosis plays important role everywhere considering the fact that it can remove up to 99.5% of dissolved solids and all colloidal and suspended matter from the most challenging feed water including well water, brackish and sea water.


We are leading reverse osmosis systems manufacturers in Delhi, India and offering customized industrial reverse osmosis systems and commercial ro water purification systems at reasonable price throughout India. Using trusted membrane technology, rugged construction and certified instruments our engineering team carefully designs ro systems that meet and exceed required water quality standards. Configured with different pre and post treatment systems, these units are made for water and wastewater treatment across pharmaceutical, healthcare, laboratory, food and beverage and steel industries etc.

Capacity & Design

The engineering team is capable to construct RO systems from 100 LPH to 50000 LPH flow rates to meet your specific water treatment needs. Our range includes small, medium and large skid mounted ro systems and containerized mobile systems mounted on trailer. Please contact our sales team, which will assist you with everything from precise quotation, price list, brochure and other important details you want to know.

  • Flow Rates: 500 LPH to 50,000 LPH or more
  • Operation: Semi automatic / fully automatic
  • Material of Construction: FRP / Stainless Steel / M.S.R.L
  • Mounted on MS or stainless steel skid or floor mounted
  • Containerized system on demand
  • Powered by electricity, diesel generator or solar power

Industrial RO Water System


  • Drinking water
  • Kidney dialysis machine
  • Boiler feed water treatment
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Production of USP grade water
  • Zero-liquid discharge
  • Seawater Desalination
  • Effluent Treatment

Industries we serve

  • Dairy, food and beverage industry
  • Hotels, spa and restaurants
  • Iron and steel industry, metal and electroplating
  • Metro and highway construction projects
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Energy and power plants
  • Marine navy

Installation & Commissioning

Pacific Aquasynth manages turnkey reverse osmosis system installations at all India level; whether you are from any part of the country, we can provide you installation and commissioning services anywhere in India and nearby countries including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Africa.

Repair & Maintenance

Timely repair and maintenance services are necessary in order to derive best performance from an industrial RO system. At Pacific Aquasynth, we help organizations with uniquely designed low cost AMC and CMC agreements in order to ensure that your entire water treatment system is operating at peak performance every time. If you have repair and service requirements, please email or call us, we will provide you immediate support with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reverse Osmosis System Specifications

Model No. Flow Rate Inlet Size No. of Membranes Raw water pump
Motor KW
      Quantity Size  
PAQRO-1 1000 lph 1 Inch 4 4” x 40” 4 HP
PAQRO-2 2000 lph 1.5 Inch 8 4” x 40” 1.5 HP
PAQRO-3 3000 lph 1.5 Inch 3 8” x 40” 3 HP
PAQRO-5 5000 lph 1.5 Inch 5 8” x 40” 5 HP
PAQRO-8 8000 lph 1.5 Inch 8 8” x 40” 5 HP
PAQRO-10 10000 lph 1.5 Inch 10 8” x 40” 5 HP
PAQRO-15 15000 lph 2 Inch 15 8” x 40” 10 KW
PAQRO-20 20000 lph 6 Inch 20 8” x 40”  15 KW
PAQRO-25 25000 lph 6 Inch 25 8” x 40” 15 KW
PAQRO-30 30000 lph 6 Inch 30 8” x 40” 17 KW
PAQRO-40 40000 lph 8 Inch 40 8” x 40” 20 KW
PAQRO-50 50000 lph 8 Inch 50 8” x 40” 22 KW
Standard fittings
  • Raw water pump make – Grundfos, Kirlosker, Crompton, CRI, CNP
  • High pressure pump make – Grundfos, Kirlosker, Crompton, CRI, CNP
  • Antiscalant dosing
Impeller SS / MS
Piping UPVC (food grade) / SS
  • Multimedia sand filter
  • Carbon filter
  • 20 / 30 inches Pre-filter
Skid MS powder coated or normal paint / Stainless Steel
Vessel FRP / MS (epoxy or rubber lined) / SS
Feed Water Requirements
  • TDS: < 2000 ppm
  • Temp: 20C ~ 45C
  • Iron: < 0.1 ppm
  • Hardness: < 5 ppm
  • Turbidity: < 1 NTU

Note: Please provide through water test report to get precise ro water system quotation and price list

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