DM Plant - Demineralization Plant

Pacificaquasynth is a leading dm plant manufacturer in India and our engineering team is always ready to help you in providing custom solutions to meet your demineralized water specifications and flow rates requirements. Our goal is to design such a DM Water Plant that may provide you uninterrupted water supply at required flow rates while confirming to all required parameters that improves your production and research processes. We provide design, installation and commissioning services throughout Delhi, NCR and India at economical cost. Each unit features latest design technology and is easy to operate and requires less maintenance.

If you are looking to buy a demineralization (DM) plant, we have many configurations and product selections are available that can be further customized to meet your high quality DM water system for different applications. We have expertise, technology and manpower to design DM water plant for boiler, thermal power plant, pharmaceutical production and laboratory research and battery production etc.

Our installed DM Plants have been acclaimed by water treatment industry experts worldwide because of innovative design technology, lower regenerant usage, higher demineralized water quality and smaller size. Our current customers are eyewitness of significant regenerant reduction and able to reduce their maintenance cost.

Industrial DM Plant


  • Deionized water in automotive cooling systems
  • Highly purified water in pharmaceutical production
  • Laboratory grade water
  • Car washing or similar applications
  • Alloy metal fabrication
  • Food processing units
  • Electronics production
  • Feed water to boilers

DM Plant Working Principle

Raw water contains both ions (positively-charged cations and negatively-charged anions), before using this water into certain applications, it is imperative to remove these ions from raw water, this removal process is accomplished through Deionization process. The deionization process is completed using a demineralizer plant, which is typically a two column (cylindrical tank) system. One column contains cation resins while other column contains anion resins.

The raw water is passed through these two columns; first passed through cation tank and then anion tank at specific flow rate. In cation tank, all positively charged cations present in raw water are attracted to the cation resins and exchanged for hydrogen (H+), while anions remain unchanged and further passed through anion tank, where they exchanged for hydroxyl (OH-). Furthermore, the combination of Hydrogen (H+) and Hydroxyl (OH-) produces water. In this way, we receive almost ion-free water or de-ionized water.

DM Plant Configuration

A DM Plant is designed in following configurations:

Terms explained:
SAC - Strong Acid Cation
WAC - Weak Acid Cation Resin
SBA - Strong Base Anion
WBA - Weak Base Anion
DG - Degasser