About Pacific Aquasynth

A project oriented water treatment company with hands-on experience over 20 years; specialized in manufacturing wide range of water treatment equipment

Pacific Aquasynth is recognized as manufacturing company of industrial and commercial water filters and water purifications systems that are utilized in different kinds of water and wastewater treatment plants. The company operates its sales and marketing from New Delhi office and services are provided all over India.

Started around 20 years ago, the company was set up by a team of water treatment specialists, which has developed expertise and extended the company beyond conventional mechanical and electrical systems design. Today, the company has covered a long way and its technical capabilities and product line are organized to serve specific markets.

In addition to manufacturing simple drinking water plant, the company is now capable to design, manufacture and install water treatment equipment for different applications including healthcare, pharmaceutical and clinical research, industrial and commercial applications and effluent and waste water treatment.